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We are a family of four with five wonderful dogs, and we live in a lovely house in the middle Sealand.

We are the owners of a new serious kennel raising French Bulldogs as a hobby.

Through the years we have gained great experience with dogs. We have both had Rottweiler's for many years, trained and exhibited. We have both had Malinois for the last 8 years who are educated within IPO 3 at a competetive level.

In the beginning of the year 2006 the first Bulldog was introduced to our family. We wanted a friendly dog so we bought a female dog at the Dauløkke Kennel and she very quickly became the family's favourite and mascot on the training field where we train our Malinois. When Tove, as she is called, was about 2,5 years old she had her first litter of puppies, and this was the beginning of our small Kennel Purpleheart's Magic.
We try to raise some healthy and well balanced dogs. Our dogs are heart and Patella tested. Our dogs are of course exhibited, typical for their race and with a good temper.

Our puppies are a great part of our family and they grow up in the living room, where the entire family helps taking care of them. We put a great effort into influencing the puppies in a way that they became ready and prepared for the challenges they might meet later in life.

Why Purpleheart:
The Purple Heart is a U.S. military decoration awarded to the soldiers who have been wounded or killed while serving with the U.S. military.
We have chosen this name to underline the fact that we put our heart and soul into preparing and maintaining the French Bulldog. We will do our best in order to make it possible for the dogs to continue being a typical race dog and healthy individuals who a capeable of "surviving" as the fantastic dog they are.

Purple, because it is a sign of quality and a stamp for excellent and best quality. This is also demonstrated by the purple ribbon given for excellent exterior.

Heart, because we have it at heart and we would never break any of our ethic rules for money. By this we mean that we would never raise a dog which we would't own or love for our selves.

Heart, because we think that you should only get a dog you know you would care for. Only in that way you are capable of treating it as the uinque creature it is.

We are always open for a conversation about French Bulldog. Therefore please feel free to write to us if you have something on your mind.

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